Infrared photography captures light otherwise invisible to the human eye. The infrared spectrum lies between visible light and heat radiation. That is the technical explanation. From an artistic point-of-view, Infrared photography captures what we perceive, but cannot see. It has the inexplicable ability to perceive moods otherwise invisible to mainstream photography.

The history of Infrared photography dates back to early days of film, and was used to create that dreamy look of the stars on the “silver screen”. In addition, it does not capture skin blemishes hence, Marilyn Monroe chose it as her method of photography. Infrared photography makes the skin of most models look alabaster soft and silky.

Infrared photography is one of those very expressive photographic technologies made rare due to the difficulty in managing it. In modern times, it has been used mostly for nature photography, making all green foliage look a ghostly white, softens skies and accentuates shadows. Rarely utilized indoors since studio lights or modern lighting does not emanate light waves in the infrared spectrum. Additionally, the advent of the digital camera made its usage more obscure because digital capture mechanisms are disrupted by the infrared wavelength. Therefore, most digital camera manufacturers go to great lengths to block it altogether.

Most photography in this book was shot indoors with specialized digital capture equipment. Due to its novelty, the difficulty and rarity of the methodology was attractive; however, technology is only a means to an end. The intent was to capture those intimate moments we are enthralled with the self; moments typically witnessed only by a vanity mirror or a lover; moments we are free of inhibitions and self-doubt. Thus, that genuine moment was the goal. In order to achieve that genuine candidness, most of the models in this book were plucked from all walks of life, from all ages and backgrounds. School teachers, doctors, actresses, and aspiring musicians lie on the pages. They are as young as 18, and as old as 58. Most importantly, they all possess the desire to have their essence committed to permanence.